Our Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program

Are you looking for a firm to kick start your career?

Strategem is a fun, dynamic and challenging environment where we focus on enriching the lives of our clients through better financial decisions.

Our Graduate Program gives you the support you need to succeed in the industry. Our structured program will give you exposure to a variety of areas including tax, business services, audit and SMSF.

We are passionate about investing in our staff and their continued development of skills, knowledge and experience. All staff participate in training and educational programs to improve their qualifications and the level of advice provided to our clients.

On top of the structured Graduate Program, Strategem also offer flexible working arrangements, a number of staff engagement events and activities, the opportunity to actively make a difference in your local community through our Community Foundation and the chance to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

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If this sounds like the place for you, we’d love to hear from you. Please email hr@strategem.com.au


At Strategem we have
a highly structured
Pathways Program that
sees you supported
through you career.

Hear from our staff who have been through our graduate program…

I started my Graduate journey with Strategem in September 2021. The support I have received so far from the team here has allowed me to kick start my Accounting career with ease. With great focus on learning and growth, the firm seeks out to develop individuals on both a professional and personal level. I enjoy working with a team of inspired individuals who seek to encourage one another to reach their best potential. As I continue to navigate through my professional journey, I am grateful for such a strong support system from my team members and mentors here at Strategem.

The Graduate Program provides great learning experiences through exposure to different business areas of the firm, and I highly recommend it to any individual looking for a fulfilling challenge.

Selina Chhour, Graduate Accountant | Melbourne

I first began my journey at Strategem in 2020 as an intern during my final year of university studies. This was a great way to be introduced to the business and help with the transition from university to my first full time job. I then was offered a position as a Graduate Accountant and began this in January 2021.

The best thing about working here is the help and support from those I work around, as this has been key to my learning, growth and development in my professional career.

I would recommend the graduate program if you are looking for a structured 12-18 month program where you get to see and learn about each aspect of the business. My favourite part about the program would have to be the opportunities we are given to explore the different areas of the business, including SMSF, Audit, Marketing, HR and more.

A piece of advice I would give to the future graduates would be to really absorb everything you can and remember that you will constantly be learning not just through the program, but through your whole career and be kind to yourself as you transition from studies to full time work.

Hannah Wellington, Graduate Accountant

During my final year at La Trobe University Bendigo, I was able to begin my journey at Strategem as an intern in late 2020. During my internship at Strategem I was lucky enough to be taken on as a Graduate Accountant in early 2021.

Working at Strategem allowed me to shift from university studies into a professional workplace with ease.

If you are looking for an organised, well structured, diverse and valuable experience to build your foundations as a professional accountant and grow on both a personal and professional level, then the Graduate Program is for you. The 12 – 18-month program is a flexible guide to explore and experience different components of the business industry from taxation to marketing.

For the individuals who will be lucky to experience the Graduate Program I recommend being proactive and always look for learning opportunities wherever you can to further develop your growth and learning and also enjoy your time and have fun!

Dillon Stiff, Graduate Accountant

Nearing completion of my Accounting degree, I was looking for a firm that reflects my personal values and is heading in the right direction. The thing I most enjoy working with Strategem is being part of a team that invests in your learning and is proactive in the always changing accounting environment. I strongly recommend any potential candidate to apply for the graduate program, as they will be rewarded with a structured learning environment where proactive and curious learners will be rewarded. My favourite part of the program is the wholistic approach taken to equip all graduates with the necessary tools to progress further into the business from day one. The advice I would give to the next generation of graduate accountants is to seize every learning opportunity that comes your way, some can be daunting at first however, you will reap the long-term rewards for many years after.

Joshua Mason, Graduate Accountant | Melbourne

I started with Strategem as a graduate accountant while completing my final semester of university. It was great to start my career while completing my studies and apply my learnings at university to real world scenarios.

I have really enjoyed progressing through The Strategem Graduate Accounting program, which focuses on development in not only technical accounting compliance work but has also given me exposure in areas such as Leadership, Business Strategy, Project Management, Communication and Business Advisory.

Strategem really encourage staff at all levels of the business to grow both professionally and personally and offer various opportunities to facilitate this through training and programs. It is fantastic to work with a team who offers strong support to all staff members and specially to graduates through a mentor program.

Working at Strategem has been a challenging yet greatly rewarding experience, it is great to be working for an organisation that is passionate about enriching lives of both clients and staff members alike.

Ben Farnsworth, Graduate Accountant