Mentors expose hidden hopes and drive success

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Mentoring is defined as the ‘practise of assigning a junior member of staff to the care of a more experienced person who assists them in their career’. Although the definition is directed at guiding one in their career, we believe the benefits of a mentor have many flow on effects in one’s life.

According to Oprah, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”.

How inspiring.

The Directors at Strategem agree with Oprah. And that’s why we’ve introduced a mentoring program. We believe by supporting our staff through providing mentor relationships, we will see our staff grow, both personally and professionally.

Harvard Business Review states, “Company leadership should embrace, promote and value mentoring programs to realize a return on investment” and again, we agree. Mentor programs are win-win situations.

A mentor program within a business can open the door to a new scope of success. Mentor relationships develop leaders. They provide support in a variety of situations including stressful scenarios, role changes, talent management, and provide an opportunity to improve skills and transfer knowledge.  

Since introducing a mentor program within Strategem we have seen positive improvements in staff relationships, improved skillsets and an overall higher level of engagement from our staff.

The program has given our staff the opportunity to communicate with colleagues who they don’t typically speak with on a day-to-day basis, and has allowed them to develop a relationship that will see their professional and personal skills improve.

Culture is extremely important within our business. Our people are important to us and we are committed to investing in the development of our employees.

“When employees respect each other and get along in the workplace, it’s amazing how productivity increases, morale increases and employees are more courteous to customers.” – Maureen Wild

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