Owning Multiple Businesses

Spending your valuable resources on keeping your business afloat, means you often don’t have time to commit to what you really enjoy – the passion that drove you to start a business in the first place.

When you have multiple entities, the complexities of managing your business, securing your investments, and planning for retirement, can be incredibly time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

Add to that, compliance obligations as a multiple entity owner, and your stress levels can skyrocket.

Our team of trusted financial advisors has you covered. We work with you to plan for high growth for your early-stage ventures. We help develop your cash flow, secure your funding for expansion and ensure you’re across all of your compliance needs.

Building a relationship with one of our trusted advisors frees you up to spend quality time with your family.

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Helping you to really
understand your obligations
and achieve success
in your business.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Strategem on both a personal and business level. Having the ability to work with both accountants and financial advisors under the same roof is wonderful. Strategem’s staff are extremely professional and their specialised knowledge is second to none.

As the director of a Melbourne Property Development company, the advice I have received from Strategem has enabled me to feel much more relaxed and be completely on top of my finances, both for my business and my family. The advice I have received has given me the tools and knowledge to achieve high growth in my early stage entities, profitable personal investments and to be on track to be financially independent before I retire.”

Craig Lund, Owner & CEO of a Melbourne Property Development Company
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