Doing It Differently

Being an entrepreneur means taking risks but great ideas alone are not enough to keep your business thriving.

Will people continue to buy your products or engage in your services? How will you cover your costs? Are family holidays a thing of the past?

At Strategem, our expert tax accountants and financial advisors help you develop a viable business.

Whether you’re starting out or wholly invested, we help you implement a business plan that not only achieves your financial goals, meets your compliance obligations, and ensures your business is profitable, but a plan that is sensitive to your family’s commitments outside of work.

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Helping you meet all of
your business obligations
so you can focus on
growing your business.

“Working with the staff at Strategem is wonderful. Any question I have, they have the answer. Their staff are fun, approachable and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone starting up their own business to engage Strategem for guidance and assistance.

I took my passion and created an online business three years ago. At the beginning it was hard work and with two children under five, I was exhausted. Strategem gave me the confidence that my business would succeed. They helped me put a plan into place by identifying the break-even figures, ensuring I was meeting compliance and gave me back my life. I have since employed a part-time staff member to help handle the rise in online orders.”

Jane Symes, Children’s Clothing online business owner

Hear from one of our clients
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