Strategem | Supporting Bendigo Health by going Dry this July

Strategem supports Bendigo Health by going Dry this July

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UPDATE: Thanks to the help of our employees, friends and family, we managed to smash our Dry July fundraising target, raising a total of $3,182.28. We are extremely proud of this effort and are proud to know that this money will go directly toward making a difference to the lives of people who use our Bendigo Health cancer services.

A wonderful effort by the Bendigo community, Dry July 2020 managed to raise $77,850 for Bendigo Health. Further to this, thanks to an anonymous donor, the grand total raised amounted to $177,850.43.

Dry July 2020 raised $177,850.43 for Bendigo Health.

The Bendigo Health Cancer Wellness Program provides support to patients and carers who are going through a cancer journey. Through initiatives such as Oncology Yoga, Oncology Massage, Art Therapy and Pet Therapy, the cancer wellness program aims to ease the anxiety and uneasy feelings that come attached to attending cancer treatments and appointments.

Bendigo Health is an approved recipient of Dry July funding meaning all funds raised through the campaign in the Bendigo area, stay in our local community and provide support to our local health facility.

Funds raised from the 2019 Dry July campaign provided funding for an extension of the activities run by the Cancer Wellness Program and allowed for the appointment of a Cancer Wellness Coordinator. Having a designated coordinator in the position to run the programs has provided the opportunity to continue to grow the activities as well as increase engagement within the community.

Strategem have been providing support to our local community since 1932. Our relationship with Bendigo Health began in 2019 when we supported the foundation of the Music & Arts Project; an initiative created to bring the positive impacts of music and arts to the patients using the cancer centre, an idea developed by Dr Rob Blum, Clinical Director of the Bendigo Health Oncology Unit.

To further support our relationship with Bendigo Health, it was a no brainer when the opportunity arose to support Dry July.

“We are excited and passionate to support a campaign such as Dry July. Knowing the money we raise will stay local and provide support for a local Bendigo Wellness Centre is an added incentive”, Strategem CEO Shaun Langdon

Strategem Accountants Bendigo have nominated three Strategem Dry July Ambassadors to lead the team throughout the month, to encourage those who have taken the pledge and to also provide assistance with activities to help raise funds for the cause.

“We’ve had to be really creative with how we’ve engaged the staff in the Dry July campaign. Usually we would host a couple of morning teas but with everyone working from home, the normal fundraising activities haven’t been an option”, Strategem Dry July Ambassador, Meghan Rogers.

Through a number of other means and through personal fundraising we’ve managed to surpass the half way mark of achieving our fundraising total.

At Strategem we are passionate about enriching lives. We strongly believe our relationship with Bendigo Health is doing this in more ways than one and we’re extremely proud of our involvement in our local community.

To support our team or to keep up with their Dry July journey’s you can visit our team page at –


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